What Is Anger Management Therapy?

Before we get started, what is anger management therapy? Well, it is a kind of a psychological therapy that helps people to control or reduce extreme expression of anger. The methods used in the treatment however do not guarantee that a patient won’t feel angry from time to time, but they help them to control the outbursts responsibly. The main focus in this form of therapy is to help people to recognize when the anger is a symptom of other emotions such as sadness, frustration, worry, fear and the likes, they are having difficulty expressing.

How long do anger management treatment sessions last?

A number of psychological orientations, both theoretical and physical, take a stab at anger management therapy; however, the main focus is to learn how to process anger in a positive manner. Anger management therapy generally lasting approximately for twenty weeks at most is ideal at helping people who claim anger as their main psychological issue. However, with some successful therapists suggesting around eight to ten sessions, the treatment duration can be shorter for some individuals. Simply putt, note that some people tend to take longer durations to fully get treated than the others.

What does anger management treatment consist of?

Anger management therapy consists of learning how and when to recognize extreme anger feelings, understand situations that provoke the anger and so forth. A number of treatment methods and strategies for handling this extreme emotion are then tried. Some of the commonly used anger management strategies include:

  • Avoiding circumstances that could lead to anger
  • Taking a time out so as to consider what is causing the anger
  • Trying not to let the mind sink into a state where it exaggerates the circumstances
  • Using different relaxation techniques

All in all, apart from the above listed proven anger managing strategies, there are many others that can also be opted for depending on different situations and the people being treated. A lot of people however respond positively to the opted for therapy and thus are able to lead a normal life that is devoid of extreme anger feelings after the treatment.