Making a Career in Social Care Profession

Recently, senior population has been on the rise in the society. As a result, several professionals are needed for taking care of the elderly population. The present scenario offers fewer qualified people for taking care of children and elderly people of the society. Consequently, the demand for senior care professionals has increased in the medical industry ever than before. Child and elder care has become an integral part of medical industry. To top it up, it is a recession proof profession. An array of jobs is available under the medical industry.

Child  Social Care Profession

Find enclosed a list of most sought after jobs under social care careers, which would help you to narrow down your focus.

Jobs in Nursing

People, who would like to become a registered nurse, are required to pass the licensing test. Moreover, you are required to have a two-year degree in order to become a qualified and registered nurse. Furthermore, the financial benefits add up to the list. In the all-encompassing health industry, a registered nurse is placed in the upper management. The job profile involves a group or staff for certified practical or vocational nurses and competent nursing assistants.

Jobs in Nursing

Jobs in Senior Day Care

A licensed practical, also known as LPN has become an essential aspect of every nursing home. Various nursing homes come equipped with plenty of care personnel’s, who are accompanied with competent nursing assistants. It is compulsory for LPN to undergo schooling ranging from a year up to 18 months. Furthermore, the aspirants are also required to pass the national licensing test.

Senior woman in a nursing home with a caring nurse.

Jobs in Senior Home Care

A certified nursing assistant, also known as CNA, also take up jobs in home settings. It falls within the ambit of senior care jobs. CNA has to pass six-week schooling that would make them competent to handle senior home care jobs. These jobs are considered the easiest in the health and care industry.

Senior Home Care

Jobs in Elder Care

Most nursing homes offer a permanent physical therapist. They help the residents to maintain mobility and independence. Physical therapists have been qualified to have master’s degree in order to support their practice. In addition, elder care jobs offer lucrative salary and supplementary benefits.

Jobs in Elder Care

Jobs in Senior Day Care

A speech therapist helps various patients to regain and strengthen the ability to speak. People, who have lost their ability to speak or have impaired speech after a stroke, can seek help from speech therapist. The job does not involve fixed working hours, which makes it flexible. The job of a speech therapist can also be taken as a freelancer or you can have senior care jobs at various facilities. Similar to other senior care jobs, speech therapy requires master or bachelor degree.

Home caregiver standing behind senior man assembling jigsaw puzzle on table

Jobs in Hospitals

The job of a physician in a hospital would require you to oversee the entire facility. You would be designated as a medical director. Moreover, as a physician you would be required to obtain a medical degree. Furthermore, you are required to have a valid license in order to practice medicine. You have to undergo schooling ranging from seven to ten years, which is dependent on the specialty.