How to Reduce Stress While in College

Heading to the university for freshman year conjures up stress hormones even prior to arrival. It’s a combination of stress, anticipation and anxiety. This is a journey that you’ve been preparing for throughout high school. First, congratulations are in order for making it this far. most students don’t. Unfortunately, the majority of freshmen entering college will not finish. Rest assured that with a bit of preparation, the right mindset and a strong mentor, you’ll earn your way to the finish line and a degree that will serve you well for the rest of your life. Take a deep breath and follow these strategies for getting off to a great start your first semester and finishing strong!

semester finishing strong

The absolute, number one, without a doubt, stress reliever is time management. In high school, your day was clearly structured from 8am through 4pm, followed by sports, clubs and homework. In college, class time is a mere 15­20 hours a week. Suddenly, it’s up to you to structure this time. The rule of thumb is for every hour spent in a college class, two hours are required to master the material. It is strongly recommended that the study hours outside of class occur during the day. We thrive on routine and schedules. Make a point to carve out 2 hour blocks twice a day. Head to the library where you’re most likely to have the least distractions. There’s a huge upside to studying during the day ­ we’ll get to that!

Distractions. There will be distractions like you’ve never seen before. New clubs to join, activities to participate in, new friends to hang with. Go for it! College is all about new experiences and meeting new people. You’ll be able to enjoy yourself with much less stress if you’re on top of the work in your classes.

Phone home. Home is your anchor and your foundation. While you couldn’t wait to leave, you know that home is your support system. After all, they just sent you the gift certificate for a fabulous stress reducing reflexology session. That warrants a call and a thank you. Explore, enjoy and most of all, learn to manage your time!