Healthy Eating in College

Eating healthy during your college years can be extremely difficult. From buffet style dining halls to late night pizza delivery, it’s hard to be mindful of what you are putting into your body when all your new friends are doing the same exact thing. Although college is definitely a time to explore, grow, and try new things – establishing healthy patterns is even more important during this time. Entering college and gaining the infamous “freshmen 15” is not how you want to start the most significant years of your life. Without restricting everything out of your diet, there are ways to make better decisions and be more conscious of what you are eating.

Dining Halls

Most college and university dining halls offer everything under the sun throughout the day. From waffle makers to a station dedicated to pizza, things can go wrong very quickly. Try making the salad bar your best friend. There are endless ways to get creative by putting your chef hat on and creating your own concoctions. Use the different stations within the dining hall to create something that’s both nutritious and yummy. Think outside the box before your next meal in the dining hall – avoid the easy options because more often than not, they are also the bad options.

Eating Out

Once you start getting sick and tired of eating dining hall food, your friends may suggest eating out for different meals of the day. Most college students are on a budget so the convenient, cheaper places are generally where you’ll go. Be mindful when eating at restaurants – most college towns do offer healthy eats! Groupon Pages is a great place to look when you and your friends decide to ditch the dining hall. Boston is home to many college students and by using this new Groupon feature you can find excellent options like this one. Search for endless restaurants in your city and browse price ranges that fit your college budget.

Avoid Mindless Snacking

What kills college students the most is the mindless, late-night snacking. Make smart decisions when are up studying late. Keep your mini-fridge stocked with fruit and a snack drawer filled with dried fruits, nuts, and protein bars. Little changes and better decisions will show and pay off.