Attend School to Become a Cosmetologist

Become a Beautician or Barber

Anyone who wants to have a lucrative career with numerous employment options should consider becoming a barber or beautician. In order to have appropriate training and licensing in these careers, you must attend cosmetology school first. There are many schools that teach students how to cut hair or provide manicures, but you must make sure the educational institution is accredited and has fantastic teachers. Before enrolling in coursework, make sure to visit the school to see its classrooms and practical laboratories. Talk to other students who are currently attending classes to get their perspective on the instructors and curriculum. Ask the school if you can attend a few classes to observe before paying for tuition to determine if this is the best career option for you.

What Students Must Learn

The school you want to attend must teach students general information such as the anatomy of the head and physiology of the skin so that you can provide excellent care to clients. You must also learn about a variety of health conditions that can affect the hair, scalp and facial skin. If you plan to provide manicures and pedicures, then you must also learn about the anatomy of the hands and feet along with understanding diseases that affect these body parts. You must prevent transmission of diseases from one client to another by making sure that the equipment used to comb hair or trim fingernails is impeccably clean according to local government standards.

School Become Cosmetologist

There are several different types of jobs in the field of cosmetology, including:

• Pedicurist – caring for the toenails with trimming and polishing
• Manicurist – providing treatment for the fingernails
• Hairstylist – cutting and arranging hair
• Colorist – dyeing hair
• Massage therapist – providing specialist or full-body massages
• Makeup artist – applying makeup to the face
• Aesthetician – providing hair removal or dermabrasion services
• Shampooer – prepares a client’s hair for other services
• Barber – specializes in cutting men’s hair

How long are Students in School?

In a large beauty salon or day spa, you might specialize in one type of treatment, but in a smaller facility, a cosmetologist is responsible for multiple services. In addition to working for others and paying rent for booth space, it is possible to open your own business and manage other employees. Occasionally, cosmetologists also work privately in client’s homes or are employed by entertainment or photography studios. Not only can a cosmetologist provide services to adult women and men, but also, children and teenagers require haircuts and other beauty care services. There are also cosmetologists specializing in the care of senior citizens living in assisted living facilities or applying facial makeup and arranging the hair of someone who is deceased. To attend cosmetology school, a students needs to complete high school first or receive their general equivalency diploma. A student must attend classes for one to two years, depending on the school’s requirement and the types of services a student wants to offer to clients.