5 Ways to Get Ahead in Your College Classes

Life for college students has become increasingly more competitive. Many times, simply having a college degree is no longer enough to make you “stick out from the crowd.” In an era where the job market is extremely cut throat, it can be important get ahead in college and stand out potential future employers. Our friends at Hajoca Careers recommend these 5 tips for making sure you stay on top in college.

1. Take the time to learn about how you best learn.

Unfortunately, most students get to college and don’t know what kind of methods best suit their individual learning style. Are you a visual learner, auditory learner, kinesthetic learner? By knowing how you best learn, you can maximize the efficiency of your study time.

learn about learn

2. Get to know your teacher and vice versa.

Know what each of your teacher’s expectations are when it comes to papers, class participation, and attendance. Each teacher will have a slightly different style and set of expectations, and it is your job as the student to meet these standards. Also remember, not only is it important to hand in well written papers and assignments, but it is also important for your teacher to know who you are. When it comes to asking professors for resumes, you are much more likely to receive a glowing report from a teacher who can genuinely on your entire character.

3. Don’t skip classes.

Although it might feel tempting to skip class, especially if it is an 8am lecture class with literally hundreds of other students, missing classes is a surefire way to fall behind or miss out on important information and details.

Skip classes

4. Take lots of notes.

If you find yourself having trouble focusing in a particular class, try taking lots of notes. This will help keep your mind from wandering to other topics and keep your brain focused on the subject at hand. In addition, make sure to copy down anything that your teacher writes on the blackboard; if they are taking the time to write it out for you that means that it is important.

5. Don’t wait until last minute.

College is full of all kinds of new life experiences and changes, and one of those is learning how to properly balance your schedule. Although it may be tempting to focus on your social life and put aside that paper for just one more night, the more projects you procrastinate, the more overwhelmed you will feel in the end. With no homework assignments to be handed in daily like in high school, many college students fall behind on their work. Staying on top of your work will help keep you ahead of the game. If you are especially precocious, ask your teacher for extra resources or reading material.