Monthly Archives: April 2015

  • Relatable Ways of PG Procurement for the Students

    “Oxford of the East”, “Cultural Hub”, etc. are some among many of the epithets associated with India for its educational enrichment and entice. With the metro cities and many other townships supremely stocked with some elite institutes and research centres; students gets accommodated with the desire of accomplishing further studies. Resulting in a huge want […]

  • PGs Are the Soulful Luxuriate For the Students in Bangalore

    “IT Hub of India”, Bangalore, is not only limited to technological uplift. Present developmental favour is also enjoyed in array of segments. Education, health, infra-structure, communication, transport, etc. are some of the other sectors which enjoys splendiferous evolutionary pleasantry. Education being one of the utmost quintessential domains though! With over four hundred colleges for higher […]

  • Praiseworthy Habitations for the Students in Gurgaon

    Profuse evolution in the field of education and employment has broadened the prosperous features of Gurgaon; and that of India. Best of the best urbanized cities of today, can be easily compared with Gurgaon for its favorable features. Undoubtedly later being the absolute winner. Educational prospect of this city fetches a palatial number of global […]

  • Things to Remember While Writing Resume for Fresh Graduates

    In the current competitive job market, getting a job is quite a challenge for fresh graduates. Therefore, it’s crucial for beginners to develop creativity and skills to market themselves. This can be achieved only if you have a comprehensive and impressive resume. Here are a few things that fresh graduates should remember while writing a […]

  • Making a Career in Social Care Profession

    Recently, senior population has been on the rise in the society. As a result, several professionals are needed for taking care of the elderly population. The present scenario offers fewer qualified people for taking care of children and elderly people of the society. Consequently, the demand for senior care professionals has increased in the medical […]